symedric Inc. is a Switzerland based company established in 2017. We provide software and services for Insurance, Healthcare, and Life Science. With a wide range of expertise in Statistics, Econometrics and Medicine we offer:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Benchmark Model for Hospital financing (DRG-based pricing) Public Policy and Implementation of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG systems)
  • Reimbursement Strategies and Market Evaluation for Pharmaceutical and MedTech companies
  • Evaluation of Hospital Infrastructure, Investment Costs and financing


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Benchmark Model

Benchmark model
Unique benchmark model of Switzerland’s symedric Inc. to overcome the mechansims of market failure (asymetric information) in health care, health care financing and other asymetric markets in order to achieve managed competiton. You can learn more about our benchmarking model for SwissDRG in the linked document.

Length of stay based Benchmarking for TARPSY
Since the introduction of the TARPSY tariff structure on January 1, 2018, various players have increasingly asked themselves how  „benchmarking under length-of-stay-based tariffs“ should be structured. This is particularly the case in view of the fact that the SwissDRG benchmarking procedure for acute somatics cannot be applied directly.
symedric Inc. has developed a concept for „benchmarking under length-of-stay-based tariffs“. This takes up the problem mentioned and is able to carry out a benchmarking that can be applied across different conceptual or regional peculiarities. This creates the possibility for TARPSY to apply an unbiased benchmarking and thus promote efficient and cost-effective service provision.

Benchmarking unter Verweildauer-abhängigen Tarifen am Beispiel TARPSY

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DRG / Financing

The development of customized healthcare policies for hospital financing, planning and the support during the implementation is one of our key expertise.

We evaluate and support the necessary steps towards the realisation of defined healthcare financing and policy goals. Our experience includes healthcare policy consulting in various countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Kazakhstan. In the last years the Swiss public health system has changed significantly in the field of performance reimbursement using DRGs (diagnosis related groups). There are several options for the evolution towards a state of the art tariff system for healthcare provider payment. The extensive know-how that symedric possesses in the field of application and development of inpatient tariffs in the health care sector can be put to good use at various locations.

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Linking Hospital Payment and Hospital Financing to Quality

Financial incentives are influential motivators for behavior change. For this reason symedric Inc. designed a model which takes into account several quality indicators at the hospital level. These quality indicators derive from the DRG system (rate of complications) as well as validated national programmes, e.g. rehospitalization, wound infection, patient safety, participation in registers and peer reviews (depending on the availability of data). Cost-variations caused by poor quality, adjusted for casemix, age, and additional variables of patient complexity are identified. With the proposed model symedric Inc. is able to identify hospitals which are confronted with higher costs due to inadequate quality and quantify the relevant volume.

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Faire Preise für effiziente Krankenhäuser

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symedric Academy

Der Workshop Spitalfinanzierung findet neu am 24./25. September 2020 im Kursaal Bern statt

Unter dem Regime der neuen Spitalfinanzierung herrschen seit 2012 einheitliche Finanzierungsmodalitäten für alle Listenspitäler im Bereich der Akutsomatik. Die Basis bildet die SwissDRG-Tarifstruktur mit leistungsbezogenen Fallpauschalen. Ein zentraler Bestandteil auf dem Weg zur integralen Finanzierung der einzelnen Institutionen ist die Preisbildung. Im Verhandlungsprozess zwischen Spital und Sozialversicherer werden die Finanzzahlen nach festgelegtem Massstab analysiert und im Benchmark mit anderen, möglichst vielen, Spitälern verglichen. Sowohl die Güte der Tarifstruktur als auch mögliche Grauzonen aufgrund der Datenlage erschweren den Benchmark und bieten Raum für Interpretationen. In der Summe ergibt sich derzeit ein breiter Verhandlungskorridor und ein nur eingeschränkter direkter Preis-Wettbewerb. Der hier angebotene zwei-tägige Workshop für Versicherer, deren Verbände und Kantone dient der vertieften Betrachtung dieser Thematik und soll den Erfahrungsaustausch als auch den sachgerechten Einsatz des Systems zur Kostenkontrolle im Gesundheitswesen fördern.


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COVID-19 epidemic in Switzerland

Financing of hospital (inpatient) care under exceptional conditions

Some of the direct and indirect costs for the care of Covid-19 patients as well as most of the measures to build and maintain sufficient health care ressources are not directly covered by current tariffs. We provide additional solutions and a checklist for hospital financing to ensure a rapid response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This will ensure sufficient liquidity and will improve the allocation of ressources.

Spitalfinanzierung in der Corona-Krise



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